Thursday, 4 September 2008


I actually finished knitting D's jumper today without running out of yarn. I am quite pleased with this one for the winter. The neck looks as if it will come up quite high and is nice and soft so should keep him warm. I am just waiting for D to come home and see if it meets with his approval. He was asking earlier today how much more I had to do.

This afternoon I even finished hemming this quilt. The boys then took it in turns behaving like old gentleman and wrapping it around their knees. J looked quite comical. He moved one of the armchairs for prime television viewing, and sat with the quilt over his lap. Old before his time I think.

Today I received the yarn to finish a cardigan that I had started for me a couple of years ago. That means in the next week that should be two more knitting finishes. With the weather forecast as it is for the weekend, it's not a moment too soon.


Gina E. said...

Jane, I love that quilt! It's made up of crazy patches, isn't it?

Karan said...

Yay - two finishes! Lovely jumper, it looks like it'll be a really warm one. The lap quilt is great - sounds like it got the seal of approval from your DS's too. :0)

Bernadette said...

The neckline finishing on the sweater is superb! Wow! I am speechless. If I ever get to your corner of the world, could you give me a lesson? The sweater looks store-bought instead of homemade. No wonder your son is happy to wear it. The quilt is wonderful, too. I hope you have plenty of nights to cozy under it.

Anonymous said...

Oooo the jumper looks beautiful, so warm and soft..... Love the quilt too. So much work you've put into it.