Thursday, 11 September 2008


For all those that missed me, I am back. I have had a few issues with blogger. It just hasn't allowed me to get on so not only have I not been able to post, I have missed a lot of your posts too. I will be spending the evening catching up with everyone.

I was hoping that the two balls of the Natural Pure Jacob wool that I purchased last week, was going to be enough to finish the Georgia J02 cardigan I started a couple of years ago.

The wool and pattern came from Capricorn Mohair . This company was recommended by a friend. At that time they were based in Northumberland, but they seem to have relocated.

When I got out my knitting, I found I had completed the back and the fronts, complete with edgings and had started the second sleeve before I ran out of yarn. I managed to complete the first sleeve and knit up to the shoulder shaping on the second sleeve before I ran out of yarn again.
Never mind, this can go away again until I get some more. They are very quick on dispatching their orders, so I don't mind too much.

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