Thursday, 4 September 2008

Still Knitting

Well there seemed to be a big dip in temperature yesterday. Autumn certainly seems to be well on it's way,so finishing a few jumpers would go down really well. I did finish the second sleeve last night, so just the neck and making up to do for D's jumper.

When we got home the postman had left a couple of goodies. The wool has arrived to finish the other jumper I was knitting for D, so hopefully he should have two jumpers this week. That means I'll have to get busy and knit another one for J before he feels left out.

The other thing to arrive was my magnifying glass. Wow, what a difference. I can now see all the wrong guesses at half stitches I made! Never mind, it's only a couple and I am not going to worry about them. The only thing I have to worry about is that the boys like the magnifying glass and if I am not careful, I may find it has gone for a walk.

I think I will finish hemming the quilt today, at least D can use it without getting stuck with pins and hopefully get all the knitting finished on his jumper. I want to get it all sewn up by the weekend so I can get my TAST block done fot this week.
Thanks to all that have left helpful tips and comments over the last couple of days, it's been appreciated.


Karan said...

Yes, it's gone decidedly nippy in the past couple of days - had a cardi on last night & had to turn the heating on a little later.
Looking forward to seeing the finished jumper or two! :0)
DH has a magnifier that I pinch occasionally for those hard to read charts. Hope you manage to hang on to yours. LOL :0)

Gina E. said...

LOL - my hubby has a little magnifying glass which he is always losing, and blaming me for it going missing. Silly - he knows that I have two huge magnifiers that I wear around me neck to stitch!