Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Cross Stitch Poppies Update

As you can see, the leaf on the left has grown. I am happy to say all the stems are complete for this section. The leaf on the left is complete except for one colour which I need to restock. I will try and get some later this week as I will need it on the other sections too.

This week I will be doing the first of the poppy flowers. It will be so good to stitch with something other than green.

This pattern is done in three parts with a small gap between each part. This is the middle section, so it feels good to say I am ALMOST a third complete. Even though there are a lot of colours used on this pattern, there is very little backstitch detail. I will do each section as I complete the cross stitching


loulee1 said...

Oooh! Which pattern are you using, I love poppies.

Less back stitching is good. It feels like everything is back stitched on my endangered babies chart.

Karan said...

Looking good. Looks like it uses colour well for definition, rather then depending on backstitching - sign of a good design/er. :0)