Sunday, 14 September 2008

Scarf Knitting at an end

I had the knitting needles smoking yesterday evening. I was determined to get this scarf finished so I could get on with some interesting knitting. Now I have two happy boys, though J did outline the list of things he was waiting for, including a jumper. Think I had better get cracking.I also did some work on the Lakeland tapestry yesterday and have done this weeks quota on it. I am not sure how much progress is evident, but I have now got almost an inch of canvas where the whole row is completed.
This week was more water, including some white and lighter blue highlights. Actually, just looking fresh at the picture again, it seems to have progressed more this week than last.

In the coming week, I am going to work on the right hand side which is rocks and flowers. It will make a change to water.

I am hoping to catch up on the poppy cross stitch today and then maybe get the sewing machine out. I had better get the cleaning and the dinner prepared first though, or I might have a few complaints if the boys don't get their roast dinner.


jacqui jones said...

thanks for the blog visit
im loving that red scarf...its tops!i am however pleased to say im ready to pack our scarfs away for next year! woohoo spring is in the air here

Karan said...

Another warm looking one - the colour is so lush! Good progress on the tapestry too. :0)