Friday, 12 September 2008

Thank You Card

The boys have a Polish friend, and on Sunday they went back and had tea with his family. Not only did they feast on pizza, but they both came home with hair cuts, as the mother is a hair dresser. (Yes, I did know one of them was going to have his hair cut, the other was a surprise, but as I had wanted to cut it for a couple of months, I wasn't complaining.) The boys wanted a card to go with a gift they had bought her to say Thank You.

I used one of the sample blocks I had stitched, and was lucky enough to find a card with the right sized aperture in my stash. Apologies for the blurred picture.

This pattern for this block is called Mariano. I used hand dyed Stef Francis silk for the trellis stitch, DMC 3345 for the tent stitch, and DMC1068 for the long stitch.

The first step was to trim down the canvas so the stitched piece would fit onto the card. I used double sided sticky tape around the aperture to hold the stitching in place.
Once the stitching was in place, I used doublesided tape again to go around the edges so once the card was folded over, it was all held in place.
Here is the finished card all ready for the boys to write their message.
This was the only crafty thing I had time for yesterday. I can't remember the last day I had when I didn't do some stitching or knitting. I wish I had time to make up for it today.


Rudee said...

I love this card. The colors are my favorite. I hope you find a little time for yourself today!

Angelcat said...

Your card looks lovely, as do all the little sampler blocks you made!

hokgardner said...

What a neat card. I usd to make all my own notecards, but nothing that fancy.

Elena said...

Very nice card! Your stitching is so unique!

Karan said...

Yep, definitely a quality card. Lucky recipient. :0)