Sunday, 4 September 2011

UFO Challenge-Amy's Blocks

This project is gradually coming together.  Another pile of these
 became a pile of these.
I now have alternating blocks laid out in rows on my front room floor.  I am just hoping the cats and the dog will be kind to me and not rearrange them while I'm not looking.

I have enough blocks for four rows of four, and one block left over.  This means, I'll get a quilt and a cushion from the blocks.

As I want to add a bit more to the size, I've ordered some fabric to add borders between the rows, and around the edges.  First job though, is to sew the rows together so I know what goes where.


Terry said...

Good job getting more of your blocks bordered! They're looking good! :0)

Miriam said...

These days you are working very hard, posting twice a day and showing so much progress! Well done!