Saturday, 10 September 2011


There were about six or seven balls of the yarn left over from the purple jacket, so I looked around and found a pattern for a toddler.
This hooded jacket was so simple to do, just need to get a couple of buttons to be completely finished, and I still have more of the yarn to finish.  I went through all my patterns and couldn't find a chunky pattern for a child, I shall have to see what I can find next time I go out, or else there may be some more of these in various sizes.


Tudy said...

It looks great. You can also do a search on the internet for free patterns and maybe you can find just the right one. I find many free patterns that way. Type in the yarn brand and that might help also.

Terry said...

That's so cute! Almost makes me wish I had a toddler. ALMOST! LOL

deanna7trees said...

so sweet and i love purple. you could make a hat to match.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love looks so great and I love the color!

Evie said...

Too cute.

If you go to
you can refine your search to the amount of yarn you have and the weight and it will show you lots of patterns that you can download for free. Hope it helps.