Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tuesday Fun

 The lesson for today was Chinese knots.  To do this, you first need some covered piping cord.  The first one I tried, I messed up.  I panicked, it looked liked the end was sliding along the cord as I was pulling it back, so I stitched across to stabilise it, then realised, it was sliding down because it was doing what it was supposed to and was covering the cord.  With all the effort I ended up with a blister, but in the end it was worth it.
I have two Chinese knots.  I shall definitely make some more, finger permitting.

After that, it was onto something gentler, a hexagon making fest.

The little ones have already started appearing on the cloth, but there is more to do.
When I went up to damp stretch it at the end of the day, the first thing I saw was this:

a pile of pins where there shouldn't be any.

Apparently, Shylock decided this piece had finished damp stretching and he was going to help by removing the pins


Donna said...

Be happy Shylock removed only pins. I had a cat years ago whose "mission" was the removal of French knots - he liked flat!

Terry said...

Those knots are cool! No wonder you had a sore hand though! Nice to have help with the push pins too! LOL

Maggi said...

Love the hexagons. Thank goodness he only pulled the pins out and didn't eat them!

Rudee said...

What a beautiful knot. It looks like it would be sturdy enough to make buttons. Just gorgeous.

karen said...

great pics're a star!

Evie said...

Oh my...those knots!