Tuesday, 13 September 2011

mystery Monday-Finish single block Two

This is the second block left over from the mystery Monday quilt top.  I managed to find fabric pieces large enough to add the borders, making this about fifteen and a half inches square.  The backing is the same as the first table topper, and I used some brown for the binding.  This one has a much more Autumn feel to it.

I've also managed to find buttons for the little jacket, so that is now completely finished.
From the same place that I bought the buttons, I managed to find another pattern for girl's jackets that I liked, so, sometime in the near future, another jacket will be appearing.  


Tudy said...

Nice block and the buttons look good.

Terry said...

Well done on the second block! I do like how this one is more fallish! :))

Rudee said...

The jacket is adorable. Love the block--the colors are so pretty.