Monday, 12 September 2011

Mystery Monday-finish single block one

Thank you to all those that suggested using this blocks in the back.  I had thought of that, but decided to make table toppers out of them.

  Again, I've gone through my scraps and stash to find the borders and backing.
 I added two borders, so now it's the right size for a small table topper.
Some of the backing was also used for the binding.  I quilted in the ditch to keep it simple.  Now I will have to see what I've got for the second block.


Annie said...

Love the colors. The border fabrics really frame it well.

Sue said...

It looks lovely. Decorating with quilty bits and pieces is one of my favourite things to do in that area. I think it makes our homes feel really cosy.

Terry said...

That came out great! One down, one to go! :0)

Tudy said...

Very pretty.

Maggi said...

Great use for them, they look lovely.