Saturday, 10 July 2010

When Fabric makes you buy it

I went to the fabric shop to get the lining for the knitting bag and on the way out, I came across some red, embroidered linen.  I loved it, and I don't get like that very often with fabric.  I buy what I need to make a project and don't go very much for impulse buying,  Being linen, it was a bit more expensive than I usually go for, so I carried on out of the door.

All the way home, I kept thinking about it, and by the time I got home, I knew what I could make, and maybe a couple of other things too.  The next week I went back, and they even had a matching plain linen too.  I was very restrained and came home with just a metre of both. 

As the material was more expensive, I was a bit worried about making mistakes, this wasn't fabric to waste.  So it's taken a bit of time, but I did it, and there were no mistakes.
In real life, it doesn't shine like this.  It must be the shock of all the sun we have been having, and please excuse the neighbours washing!  I did try to take a picture on the other side of the tree, but the glare was even worse.

I've put a little pocket on the inside,
and for the first time, I have used a magnetic fastener.  I thought these would be easier than buttons!
I have a couple of bag patterns waiting to be made up, so I might just go and get some more and try them.


Linda said...

Wow, very nice. I love the color. I hope this is for you. Lovely fabric, you did a great job.

At least you know your neighbors do their laundry, right?

Hey, I hope you're feeling better.

Kucki68 said...

Lovely fabric, no wonder you went back for it. Great bag!

Anonymous said...

If you still love it the following week then you simply have to purchase it. And this bag is evidence to support that argument. Just lovely. And perfect for this heatwave.

Terry said...

Well done Jane! I like the magnetic fastener. I need to get some of those!

Rudee said...

That is so red! I love it. I even like the photo with the neighbor's laundry hanging out to dry.

Enjoy your sunshine

Annie said...

Beautiful bag, worth the splurge. I've never tried the magnet fasteners. Did you use any extra stabilizer where you attached them? Maybe you didn't need it because the fabric was hefty enough.

Terry said...

Oh so lucky the fabric was still there. I'm often refrain from buying supplies only to think about it for ages afterward.

I like the bag. Red is good!
All things should come in RED.

Sue said...

lol Sometimes we just have to buy it, don't we? You did a fabulous job on the bag.

Karan said...

This is stunning! Really enjoying my catch up. :0)