Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Amy's BOM-July 4th

Before I had to vacate the living room for kid's activities yesterday, I got another block completed.  This is July 4th in non July 4th colours.  I decided to stick with the colours and fabrics I had already used.

That's me up to date with Amy's BOM, as I don't have the tools to do the next two.  I decided it was enough to put them together without confusing myself with maths too.  Maybe I ought to get the boys to work it all out for their maths lesson!

Now time to catch up on some other projects.


Melinda Cornish said...

I have a red white and blue quilt to start piecing and it so hot upstairs I am having trouble doing it...I know I will enjoy it once I get started it is the getting started part.....this block you did reminds me of it.....maybe it will be my inspiration!

Terry said...

I understand packing up. I'm re arranging the spare room which I use for sewing. Grandson will be coming 2days and nights a week until Christmas. 4yr old. Needed to find floor space for cars and stuff.
I like the block. It's a variation on Friendship Star. Good choice to stay with the colors your already using.

Annie said...

Doesn't seem right that you would do a July 4th square anyway! Looks good in your colors. And a great idea to use quilting as a fun way to learn math!

Terry said...

I like how you've done your block. It looks good that way! :0)

Elena said...

I love the colors of this fabric!
I know one teacher at my son's school, she was creating quilt patterns with the kids at her math classes. This is a good idea!