Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Three More

Three more pencil/pen rolls hot off the press and slightly different from the first one. After the first one, I had worked out the sequence for when to attach the bindings in relation to the folding and stitching. The next two were still fairly simple to do, one holding 10 pencils, the other 14.
I did a different fastening method for these, I used Velcro. Amazing what you find when you are having a clear out. I have has this so long, I can't remember for what I had originally bought it.

The next one I made, was a lot bigger and I used ribbon to fasten this. I wasn't sure Velcro would be strong enough to hold it shut.

This is a double one and holds up to 46 pens and/or pencils.

I have thought of trying to make some that aren't quilted, but using iron interfacing to give the fabric strength. I thought it might be a little more flexible. I'll let you know the results. I am looking forward to using the fabric, if nothing else, even the non-stitching J thought it was "cool".


Gaynor said...

I agree with J. Most def. cool and I love the funky colours ;-)

Karan said...

These really are cool - am sure they'll be a hit/best seller. :0)

Rudee said...

Well these are clever. Can you make a circular needle holder? Mine are taking over the house.

Amalia said...

Wow those are great! How did you make them?

Elena said...

Wow! Fantastic projects! They really are so cool! Love the fun fabric you used!