Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Alla Turca Part VII

I have completed my exchange piece and made it up, so it is ready to be packed up and posted. I did restart the RR, only to discover I was still one thread short, so that has gone away again until I have been shopping today. This left me with a bit of time to do something else.

I had an aborted attempt on my ATC. To do what I wanted, I will need a light box, so I either treat myself to one today, or else I have a rethink.

I must say Gaynor has gone to some lengths to stop me from making progress on Alla Turca, she even went as far as sending me this book to sidetrack me. D and I love it, and are picking out projects to try but I was a good girl and got Alla Turca out. This is part VII and was quite a small section, so I easily finished it early evening yesterday.
Only two sections left now, which I hope to do next month. September is going to be my catch up month so everything will be up to date with only the monthly exchanges to have deadlines for.

I did have a rethink over night about the ATC, and will give it another go this afternoon. If it doesn't work, I might end up getting a light box tomorrow. If it does work, I also have the fabric postcard worked out too. I am so glad we have a bank holiday this weekend, I might just about finish everything by the end of the month that needs to be done.


MargB said...

I still love this piece - it ahs such an elegant look about it. Have you tried a sunlit window as a lightbox? It works quite well - not as convenient but definitely cheaper!

Annie said...

Love the subtle color for this Alla Turca piece. That's such a pretty design.

I'd definitely try the window trick before investing in the light box. Also you could trace the design on tissue and then baste the tissue to the work through the drawn lines. Tear the tissue away and embroider over your basting. Sometimes I embroider through the tissue without the basting stemp.

Gaynor said...

Darn it! My plan has been foiled!!
AT looking fantastic. Yours will be finished way before mine...and it looks fantastic so why not lol?

Terry said...

The Alla Turca is lovely! :0)

Rudee said...

I love how the Alla Turca is coming along.

I have an Ott lamp that I like for when it gets a bit darker here. I use sunlight when it's available but like my lamp at night. It took some getting used to a full spectrum light.

Elena said...

Alla Turca looks so elegant and gorgeous!

zetor said...

It's looking very good.

Gina E. said...

Oh Jane, the Alla Turca is beautiful! I have a couple of patterns that I would like to try using just one colour all through. As MargB said, it has such an elegant appearance, compared to multicoloured designs.
I bought myself a light box recently, when it appeared in a mail order catalogue for half the price they are in shops. Too good an offer to ignore, even though I haven't used it yet.