Friday, 14 August 2009

On A Roll

I've done three more pencil/pen/crayon rolls. I didn't use wadding for these, I just used interfacing to give the fabric a bit of strength. The fabric seemed a perfect choice for holding pens and pencils.

This one holds pencils and pens,

and then we have one holding pencils, the other crayons.
D now wants one for himself, and J wants two made as gifts by the end of the month. I have kept some of the blue fabric to make one for D. I will have to see what fabric I can find to make for the two girls.
After all this interaction with the sewing machine, I think it is time for the knitting needles to come out.


Rudee said...

Wow! You've been busy. I like them all.

Gaynor said...

done. Your productivity puts mine to shame lol

Terry said...

Well done! They all look so bright and cheerful! :0)

Annie said...

Those are just perfect. You really got the hang of making these.

Karan said...

They really are a brilliant idea & look great. :0)