Saturday, 26 June 2010

Girls Cotton Top

I have now used up the rest of the Sirdar Luxury Soft DK.  I knit a girls version of the sleeveless cotton top.  This would fit someone around age 7/8.

I now have one more top to knit, and that will be one bag emptied from my corner.  Hopefully, it will be done this weekend, but I think I need to get some more white double knit to finish it.  I'll just do as much as I can with what I have until I can get to town.

While  I have been knitting, I have been rearranging the furniture in my mind.  I think I can get a larger table into the room to make it easier for cutting out and piecing fabric.  I have a few projects in mind I want to do, but they may be kept waiting until I can uncover the table from the garage.  I need to get the boys in a good mood first as they will be doing the moving.


Ocean Girl said...

You have to get the boys into a good mood first - smiles :)

Happy Weekend

karen said...

you are rearanging the furniture in your mind and while I am sewing I am remodelling the whole house!! My nerves are jangling already for tomorrow, how about you?

Terry said...

I was just telling the kids the other day that our kitchen table would make a great cutting table once I move into one of their rooms! Of course I would need a new kitchen table then, but I don't mind! LOL

Annie said...

With all that you do, I can see why you need a larger table. Bake some cookies and see if that doesn't work on the boys!

Very cute little top.

Rudee said...

I bow to your prowess behind a pair of knitting needles! I love the color of this top.

Have fun rearranging the furniture.

Serena said...

What a cute top!

Good luck with the rearranging ~ :)

zetor said...

That rearranging sounds like a great idea, I always wanted furniture/ room specifically for sewing but have never managed it. The jumper is lovely, nice summery colour!