Tuesday, 18 May 2010


There is a shelf under my cutting table where projects get put, waiting for finishing.  Offcuts from previous projects tend to get put there too, waiting for inspiration.  I've finally got some of them out of the way.
The first one I made into a mobile phone holder, or else it could be used for a MP3 player.  I just needed to fold it up to form the pocket and add the binding.  I then used a popper, (press stud) for the fastening.

The next off cut was too long to do a phone holder
So I formed pockets at both ends and added binding to the side.  I then machine stitched the channels to make a pen case. 

Both these projects were simple and quick.  Just what I like, especially when it helps to clear the shelf.  Unfortunately, it's still not empty.  A little more work is required.


Terry said...

Those quick projects are always nice, but especially so after all the time you worked on that bed cover! :0)

Annie said...

Those are adorable. Great idea for the phone holder. Pretty print too.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

WOW, Jane, How cool are your projects. LOVE the cell phone one expecially. Hugs Judy

maggi said...

Great projects. Somehow anything left on a shelf seems to manage to multiply on its own - except cash of course.