Tuesday, 25 May 2010

More catching up

Now the bed cover is done, it is quite satisfying to catch up with some of my other projects.  Last week, I received my next four crochet magazine, but wouldn't let myself open them until I had finished the bed cover.

Finally, this week, I opened them and have another four blanket squares done.
The block on the right was the first one I did, and as you can see, it took a few rows to get the pattern correct.  It's a bit like knitting, it gets easier when you know what the pattern is supposed to look like, then it all just seems to fall into place.  I decided to leave the block as it was, as the whole point of this blanket was to record my progress in crochet, and as it will be staying with me, no one else will know.

The bobbles on the left hand square are a lot easier than doing bobbles in knitting, a lot less twisting and turning.

The other blocks were just basic stitches with embroidery added.  Cross stitch on crochet, is very easy, just like using Aida.  I thought it would be good to remember for future use, it would be a great way to add motifs on something like a bag.

I now have another few weeks to wait for the next installment, so I think it is back to embroidery.


Annie said...

You are so disciplined to leave those mags un-opened. Fun to do those sampler squares...they are finished too quickly to let boredum set in. Great job!

Terry said...

Love the purple one with all the little bits of color added! :0)

Rudee said...

They're very nice. I like the one with the baubles, too.

Angelcat said...

Your squares are looking great, I still haven't managed to make a start on mine :(