Friday, 9 January 2009

A small Sampler

I had thought the next task in hand would be to catch up with the Lakeland needlepoint. I need natural light for this one, and as we were out all day, that was not an option for this evening.

I decided to do this little cross stitch instead. It was bought by a neighbour, but as she had never got round to stitching it, she gave it to me a few months ago. I thought I would stitch it for her, frame it and then give it back to her to enjoy. It is quite quick to stitch, and as it is made up of small motifs, it is like a continual chain of small finishes. So good for the ego!
This is what I managed to get done this evening, a bit of cross stitch, back stitch and one french knot. Such variety in such a small area.


Gaynor said... must have read my mind re: samplers lol
Looking forward to seeing the end product!

Ginnie said...

This is looking good, your neighbour will be pleased.

Quirky said...

It is looking lovely! A kind deed giving it back to her will come back to you tenfold! :)

Western Australia

Rudee said...

Well that's nice of you.

Anonymous said...

Your neighbour is going to be so pleased,
I know what you mean about day-light, some just need that bit extra light,
Take care

Elena said...

Your stitching is absolutely amazing! Your neighbour will love it!