Monday, 19 January 2009

More Chicken Scratch

I did another small panel of chicken scratch today, lacing between the crosses with a contrasting thread. I think the picture is on the other camera, so I will have to upload that another day.

I then pinned all the pieces into place to create this framed piece. It is on binca and I will put some more chicken scratch in the corners when I have bought the appropriate threads. The framing is done using ribbon and I have a few ideas for decorating this too.

I will machine stitch all the pieces into place when I get out the sewing machine(that's three items in the queue waiting for the machine).
Last night and this evening I did some more knitting on D's jumper. The front is complete and the back has been done to the start of the pattern. This is a great piece to do when I don't want to concentrate too much on anything. A relaxing knit!


Patti said...

Your knitting is really lovely and now at last I know what Chicken Scratch is - thank you so much. Patti xxx

averyclaire said...

I absolutely adore your knitting. It would take me ten years to do what you do!! And when I have attempted it...the sweaters I make for myself NEVER fit me when they are done!!! Perhaps someday I will learn the secrets.

Quirky said...

The chicken scratch is looking
gr8. I like the way you are using the ribbon. As for your is so neat and even!

Western Australia

Gaynor said...

I am going to look incredibly dense now but what is chicken scratch???
Can you send me your email addy and I will send you the science!

Elena said...

Your knitting is really pretty! And Chicken Scratch is amazing!

Knitting Linguist said...

Relaxing knits are always fun! It's looking good :)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Loving the Chicken scratch.... and your knitting looks so good.

Diane said...

Chicken scratch is the technique that we are doing as a challenge for January 2009. It's SharonB's challenge called "Stitch Explorer 2009". I've played around with it on my blog and you can see some other examples on the chicken scratch flickr site.