Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Alla Turca Part One

I have completed the other non stitching task for this month. I unpacked my picturea and spent an hour happily banging holes in all the walls I have just painted. There are a couple of pictures that need new glass or hanging cord to go up, but that will wait. I now have my very own rogues gallery up the stairs.

I also found all the stitching that needs framing or finishing in some other way, so I will gradually work my way through them. I am really looking forward to making some picture frames.

This morning I did do a small part on my exchange piece but I need to go to Hobbycraft and buy some threads I need. It stitches quite quickly, so it shouldn't take long to finish.

After I had finished hammering in nails, I started on the Alla Turca Mystery SAL. The top left is complete for part one. Just have to do the middle and right, then the bottom half of the block.

I would have done more but Tugger was intent on catching the threads as it went through the holes. When he wasn't doing that, he sat on top of my arm! Do you think he was trying to tell me something? It is quite nice not having to think about colour changes and I am hoping that, as there is only one block a month, I won't get fed up with the colour. If I do, I'll blame J as he helped chose it.


Rudee said...

Perhaps he was after some catnip. I just spent the evening at my daughters with all three of her cats climbing in my lap-two of them at once. I think they were cold, and so was I. The situation worked out well for all four of us.

Paula Hewitt said...

you have been busy. i like the patterns in your mystery cross stitch - ill be intersted to see how it turns out

Elena said...

I think that Tugger wanted to help you!

karen said...

this is lovely, I believe that not having to think is an unexpected blessing and a large part of the therepeutic nature of embroidery. i love repetitive hand stitch for the same reason. Hope you are well. x

Karan said...

Will enjoy watching this develop. :0)