Monday, 6 September 2010

Patience is Required

DS2 did this cross stitch not long after we moved to Sheffield.  It was one of the first cross stitch pictures he did that followed a chart, not colours printed on the fabric.  It was entrusted to my safe keeping to be framed or finished in some way.

He's only had to wait about eighteen months, two years!  Not long, really.
I haven't found all my framing equipment since we've moved, so I thought I'd make it into a small wall hanging instead.  The backing fabric, has a summer sky motif, so very appropriate for the balloon theme.

Progress has also been made on clearing out my knitting corner.  I completed this little baby jumper in bamboo.  Apologies to all those now feeling broody.  Just think of them as teenagers, that usually helps to bring those feelings under control!
I also cleared a lot of the wool remnants from the corner. They will go to a neighbour who does knitting and crochet for the hospital.  That's cleared another bag, so now, there are two projects in progress, and one waiting to be started.  Hopefully, one more will get done in the next week before the boys get back.


Miriam said...

It is satisfying,is not it, when you have done this kind of longwaiting jobs.Congratulations!

Terry said...

Well done on the balloon cross stitch! Won't he be surprised! :0)

Serena Lewis said...

Well done to DS2 on his cross-stitch...looks great! Ahem...I still have a cap in my cupboard that my DS2 asked me to alter over a year ago...I really must get around to it.

Well done to you on tackling the knitting corner. Cute baby jumper!

loulee said...

You're doing a great job of clearing out the WIPs.

Annie said...

DS2 is going to love seeing what you've done with his stitching.

The baby knitting looks great too.

Elena said...

Your DS2 did a great job on cross-stitching project! And I love the idea with the fabric frame for it!