Monday, 13 September 2010

Another Finish and more postage stamp blocks

I've been waiting for a delivery of polyester filling to be able to get this cushion finished, but finally this weekend he is done.  He's been stitched and stuffed, and now sits proudly aloof, watching the chaos the kittens are spreading around him.

I've used the same fabric for the backing as I used to finish the Teddy cushion.  I just loved the texture of it and thought it went with the wool work.
I've also spent a bit of time before the grand prix to get a couple more postage stamps blocks done.
There are still a few more to go, but I am going to see how many I can get put together this week.


Annie said...

The kitty makes a great companion for all your new 'kids'.

Terry said...

Everything looks great! :0)

Elena said...

Really love the cat cushion; so pretty! And stamp blocks already look so neat and gorgeous!