Monday, 27 September 2010

In the pink

I'm not a pink person, and having boys, I haven't had to be, so when I was given pink fluffy fabric, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it.  I then spoke to a friend who is a pink person, and has a little girl who loves pink.  She assured me, her daughter would think it was heaven to have pink fluffy cushions, so that's what I made.
 I bought some motifs to add to a couple of the cushions.  I couldn't get any that would have big enough for the larger cushions, so I made two sets.  Each has a plain cushion and one with a motif.
Hopefully, there will be two girls out there somewhere that will enjoy them.


Annie said...

I love pink things and I'm not surprised that you found someone else who does as well! She will adore those cushions!

Serena Lewis said...

They turned out lovely and look so soft and cuddly! They will be perfect for a little girl's room.

I'm not huge into pink myself....I'm more a purple, turquoise and/or green kinda gal ~ :)

Terry said...

What great cushions! Emily has a pair of blue slippers made out of that fuzzy fabric and we're always arguing about if they're hers or mine! I steal them away from her every chance I get! LOL

stitchersanon said...

I am not a fan of pink things, but I have to say these are gorgeous! Very modern looking and cute at the same time!

Rudee said...

I'm not a pink person either, until I put it on or use it in some way, then I find myself wondering why I'm not a pink person because it looks great. It's a fabulous color used in small amounts.

I love your pink cushions--especially the texture.