Friday, 10 September 2010

For my little artist

I bought DS2  an artists sketch pad and pencils, but it looked a little boring in the packet, and they would soon have got separated, so I made a wallet for them.

There is a flap at the bottom for the ends of the pencils and book to slide into.  This will prevent the contents from slipping out when he least expects it.  The strap across the middle  has been stitched to hold the book and pencils in place. 

The fabric on it's own, wasn't very sturdy, so I slipped some cardboard between the layers.  It only goes across the bottom half, and then top folds down to give him his own sketching wallet.
As the boys are away having fun, I've treated myself and bought a quilt kit.  I've used the company before, so knew of their good service but I loved the way this kit came.
I have my very clear instructions, and best of all, all the pieces are ready cut.  How much time is that going to save me!
I'm really looking forward to putting it altogether, but there is just a little matter of a Jelly Roll quilt to finish first.


Serena Lewis said...

Your son will love his art set wallet...nice work!

Ah yes, pre-cut pieces are a definite bonus...have fun sewing it ~ :)

Terry said...

What a great way to keep art supplies all together! Love the quilt kit too! It's going to be lovely put together! :0)

Gina E. said...

What a super idea! Have you put his name on it somewhere? You might get a heap of requests from envious kids wanting one of their own!
I've never heard of a pre-cut quilt - great idea. All that time saved!

Rudee said...

The sketch pad is a great idea. It's so wonderful that you encourage your kids in artistic endeavors.

I can't wait to see that quilt all done up!

Annie said...

You are really doing everything you can to keep those kids organized! Smart move and a nice idea.

Unknown said...

the sketch pad wallet is so great. I bet he loves it and I bet you are having fun with the quilt kit! Is this one of those "oops, my fingers slipped" purchases?

Maggi said...

What a great idea. Lovely quilt. You do seem to have been bitten by the quilting bug!

Karan said...

Like the wallet idea... so envious of how you come up with the ideas & create them. Love the look of the quilt.... off to see when you started it. LOL :0)