Sunday, 5 September 2010

Gardening Teddy

Gardening Teddy didn't have to wait too long in the finishing pile.  As I was wandering around the fabric shop looking for something else, I saw this fabric and thought of him straight away.  Last week, I went back and bought a metre of the fabric.

He has now become a cushion, approx 12" by 14".  He's really does look splendid sat in the sun.

Gardening Teddy, didn't need a metre of fabric, but I have another cushion to make up, and it will be purrrfect for that too.


Gina E. said...

That is so charming, Jane! I wouldn't let anyone sit on it though - it will be just for show, won't it?

Terry said...

Another project finished off! You're getting so much done lately! Is it because the boys are away? LOL

Annie said...

Very cool fabric for the framing. I never would have thought to use something like that. Enjoy that cutie.