Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Silk scrim and silk paper samples

Once the fun with the sewing machine was over, it was time to use the samples in some embroidery, to embellish them and get some ideas for a larger piece.
I used the over stitched piece of paper and added it to some dupion silk.  The spiral of french knots attaches the paper to the silk.

I do like the different textures of the the knots and paper together.

I don't have a lot of vintage embroidery to use, but I do have a collection of these patterns.  The earliest I've found dated is 1933.  They would have belonged to my great grandmother and grandmother, passed down through my mum.

I used one of the transfers to stitch this.  I left one incomplete, as lots of linen has been passed down only partially stitched.

To it I added some pin tucked paper.  Holes were cut in it to form windows to the stitching underneath.  Some windows have needle weaving over them.  Attached to the bottom of the paper, is some machine stitched scrim.

This can be lifted to reveal the stitching below.

After some feedback from Karen, these ideas will be developed further.  I think I should write some notes, my brain is mulling over new ideas and forgetting some of the old ones before I've had a chance to try them.


Terry said...

Those are both so cool! I love that first one! You're getting very creative with these! :0)

karen said...

definitely write notes....I am always writing stuff down and write on scraps of paper and pin it to the page next to the relevant sample....you will have a work book then..Inspiration!!!

Tudy said...

Such neat projects and so creative.

Angela said...

Your samples are fantastic. I'm the same with ideas they pop in to my head and then disappear again just as quickly, I think it's a great idea to keep a notebook or something handy to capture all those wonderful ideas before they get lost in the ether entirely.

Wendy said...

Wow! These are so lovely. And I agree that you should write down notes on each of these for future reference in case you forget the exact process that you used. Well done.

Rudee said...


Evie said...

I'm ashamed of just how envious of your skills and your collection of vintage embroidery transfers. These samples just get better and I love vintage embroidery.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jane, Absolutely great stitching. Love those vintage embroidery patterns. They are a treasure indeed. Hugs Judy