Friday, 9 March 2012

More Work with Scrim

The idea of working samples, is to see what will work and what won't, some will be usable and some definitely won't.  Some, although not as expected will be able to be used.
These were loops and circles, OK

Doodles, definitely OK

Flowers-these didn't work but are usable.  I need to get a bigger hoop to give myself a larger working space, then I'll try again.  Definitely not a waste.

The next piece was a disaster.  I was trying a pin tuck foot with twin needles.  My machine didn't have a holder for a second reel, so I improvised, I used the spool winder.  It worked, however, the tension on the bottom thread was a nightmare.  I tried scrim, chiffon, and silk.  When all else failed, I checked the bobbin, and after rethreading, it was much better, so I tried again.

It looks best on the scrim, but that was because you couldn't see where there were missed stitches on one side of the top.  Not sure what the problem is there, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Now, the fun continues, using these scrim pieces in some embroidery samples.

This is my first, and I'm quite please with how it came out.  I used the pin tucks in the scrim as a frame for some pieces of old embroidery.  These are cut from the first embroidery I ever did.  It was a dressing table mat that has become worn.  No one told me you could get finer embroidery by separating the strands and stitching with two, instead, I used the whole six!  You live and learn.

Anyway, the little pieces were cut, put into position and held in place with small invisible stitches using normal sewing cotton.   The bottom of the scrim was frayed to give tasselled effect.  Across the top, I used a piece of lace.  Using straight stitch, I stitched it to the scrim and silk chiffon, then added a little clusters of french knots just below the lace.

The whole sample was then stitched into a book.  This is going to be my "display board" for my samples.  Now onto something else, just need time for the brain to formulate the ideas.


Maggi said...

Lovely to see your experiments and how good the resolved piece looks. I like the way that you are using the book to display your samples.

Terry said...

Very pretty! You sure do make some cool stuff! :0)

Wendy said...

Your experiments seem to be having some great results. Is scrim the same as cheese cloth here in the states? I have tried to find scrim but cannot find it here, and it does look like what we call cheese cloth.

Anyway, I have enjoyed your progress with this. And I love that you are putting your samples on pages in a book! Great idea.

Terry said...

Great playing

Super idea for displaying your results. It will become a piece in itself.
Happy thinking

Rudee said...

The texture adds an incredibly fetching texture that's so interesting to look at. Nicely done!

Angela said...

Love how you used your old embroidery and your book 'display board'