Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Port Hole

After a little break, I am finally back to needle and thread, continuing on with the samples of stitched paper.  This sample is one of the holes that I'd machine stitched across the hole.
I cut out close to the stitching and secured it to some silk.  I then blanket stitched around the edge, and added some blanket stitch lace.  The backing lace was then cut away to leave the hole open.

I like being able to see the writing coming through, but on a stitched piece, I would use some embroidery as the backing.

When I stitch these samples into the book, I just pick a page at random.  I couldn't believe what was written on this page.


Tudy said...

That looks so neat. The words really fit the piece,

Terry said...

I love how things like that happen! Love the embroidery too! :0)

Maggi said...

Lovely and I do like the writing as a background.