Sunday, 11 March 2012

Silk Paper

After playing with scrim, it was now time to play with silk paper.
It was fun trying out the different stitches on the paper, and to see how resilient it is.

This was a sheet, just testing out the different stitches I have on my machine

I like the edging this makes, just over stitching in circles backwards and forwards along a line, then pulling the excess paper away.

This was just to see how much I could stitch on the paper before it began to disintigrate.  The paper didn't tear, but it did stretch.  I think that a piece like this would be great for further hand embellishment

Stitching over a hole

Pin tucks and concertinas, again waiting for hand embellishment


Straight lines


Circles, and experimenting with holes
This stitch would be great for an edge, one of my favourites.

Now I'm looking forward to combining the scrim and paper with other fabric and hand stitching.  Hopefully. a few more stitched samples will follow.


Terry said...

I like the grid. But I really do love that last stitch! Looks like you're having all kinds of fun with this project! :0)

Tudy said...

You have been busy with the machine. Very different results.

Rudee said...

Silk is such an amazing fiber. I wish it smelled better, but I'm sure the paper is not nearly as bad as the yarn. Very interesting results you have here!

Annie said...

Looks like you had fun with this. I'd never heard of this before. Very versatile cross between paper and fabric.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing what you come up with for these samples, and learning about new materials. Silk paper...who knew?