Friday, 23 March 2012

It's taken a while...

... but I'm finally getting into the embroidery course and having fun.  I'm beginning to catch up with all that has been going on, and hopefully won't be too far behind when the next lesson is released.
When we started playing with paper, I made a concertina fan out of a sheet of silk paper.  I've cut this in half and added some hand embroidery.  There are woven bars to keep the sides open and on the inside I've added splashes of colour with web stitches and french knots.  To keep the fan in shape, I've used needle woven bars front and back.

Remember the scrim pockets?  I've now taken these a stage further, applying the scrim over fabric and vintage embroidery.

The scrim has then been embellished with hand embroidery.

Small holes were cut in the scrim and then fixed with french knots, and there are lots of wrapped threads to form a lace effect.  This allows the fabric and embroidery to appear from below.

The finished piece is quite small, and hopefully will become part of a bigger piece.

The next piece is prepared and I'm hoping for another happy stitching day today.


Terry said...

Well done getting caught up! Your stitching is all so pretty! Love the fan! :0)

karen said...

hope you get your happy stitching day and the sun is cheering us all up too!!

Sandy said...

I have to go back and see all the stitching you have done...fantastic!

Evie said...

I hope you're making the most of the sunshine to sit and sew these lovely pieces.