Sunday, 12 June 2011

Something Different

It seems such a long time since I've had knitting needles in my hands, and they were just itching to knit again.  While I was in town last week, I picked up a couple of patterns for socks.  I've never knitted adult socks befoe, so thought I'd finally give it a go.  I didn't realise  until I got home, that the patterns were for two needle socks, and not dpns.  If I'd known that, I might have taken the plunge earlier.  What was even better, the yarn I chose was half price.

I now have one sock, much quicker and easier to knit than I had expected

I quite like the top too.

I used Sirdar Escape DK, which is 51% wool, 49% acrylic.  All it needs now, is it's mate.


Maggi said...

That looks like a very cosy, albeit lonely, sock. It was very cold the other night so could have done with a pair of these. I must check out the two-needle patterns.

Terry said...

Very nice! That didn't take long at all! :0)

scraphappy said...

Pretty sock. Good luck with the other half of the pair.

Anonymous said...

2 needle socks? Who knew?
And so lovely.

Annie said...

Very pretty, but too hot for wool socks right now here. I couldn't pick up needles to do that a the momement. Is there a seam?

Rudee said...

Bit by the sock knitting bug! They're addictive, Jane. I love the colors here.