Sunday, 19 June 2011

Exquisite Post

Don't you just love getting beautiful things in the post?  Just imagine how delighted I was to open the envelope to find this little beauty.
It came from Karen, and it was a piece of embroidery I'd won on her blog.  She always does such beautiful embroidery, and it is an honour and pleasure to own one of her pieces.  She has lots more beautiful pieces available in her shop and I quite often go and have a look and dream of what I'd buy when the boys stop growing out of their clothes.  Go and have a look for yourselves, I am sure Karen would enjoy your visit.


Terry said...

That's beautiful! Congratulations! :0)

Anonymous said...

That's just exquisite. You lucky lady.
How have I missed her blog? Thanks for the link, too.

Maggi said...

Lovely, what an excellent win