Friday, 24 June 2011

A different approach

The first job of the day was to make some changes to the dog bed to see if it made things easier.
I cut away part of the front, and just zigzag along the edges twice over to keep them together and stop fraying.

It made things easier, but definitely not ideal.  The cats may get their bed after all, but not before he's got a bigger bed, I don't think anyone is going to be able to take this one away for a while.

As I hadn't made any cards for a while, and stocks were dwindling, I thought it was about time I made some more. 

With the pergamano cards I've done before, the parchment was the outer cover, and I hand sewed card to the inside.  This time I mounted the embossed design onto card.

I cut the design to the outer border, mounted onto coloured card, and then using decoupage sticky pads, the card was mounted onto a plain white card. 

I'd forgotten how relaxing I find doing the embossing, so I may not leave it so long before I do some more.


Maggi said...

Beautiful cards. Certainly does look as though you would have a tough time taking the bed away without replacing it.

Annie said...

The doggie looks pretty well ensconced, for sure.

Gorgeous cards. Is there any technique you haven't tried yet! ;-)

Terry said...

Love the cards! I think he likes his new bed whether it fits or not! LOL

Knitting Linguist said...

Love the dog photo! That pup looks like the bed is a new favorite place :)

Wendy said...

He sure looks comfy in that bed, I am sure it would be hard to remove him from it......your cards are so lovely....