Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Playing with Scraps

Twice in a about a week, my attention was pointed to this link to use up the small pieces of scrap fabric, or even not so small.  It seemed such a good idea that I unexpectedly spent the day playing with them yesterday.

 The colour isn't very good here,. just as I finished, the heavens opened, the sky went black and we had a hail storm.

I love the being able to cut the squares at any angle to get some unusual blocks. Even the pieces of fabric I don't like, have taken on new life and become attractive.  I've even used up the rest of the red scraps.  All I have left in red, is some linen, some of which may get used later this week.

I have some rectangles ready to be made into something else, the other squares will go to make up a quilt.  I still have some of the blocks left, so I'm thinking of cutting 31/2" squares from the pieces that are big enough.  Once I have some more strips of fabric, I shall certainly be making some more.

Now to get back to the things I should be doing.


karen said...

looks like you are having fun!!

Terry said...

If you keep this up, you're going to run out of scraps! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love how even your distractions and scraps turn into something lovely.