Friday, 25 February 2011

February Heart

The next heart from Raspberry Rabbits was released a couple of weeks ago.  I've had it all traced out and ready to stitch, but got sidetracked.  I had packed it very nicely to take with me to do while I was waiting for the children ice skating last week, but ended up reading and then talking to another mum.
I unpacked it yesterday afternoon, and spent a pleasant hour getting it stitched.  Now I'm ready for March.

I've also received my first two blocks in the Barn Door Swap.

Many thanks to Blondie, who sent some scraps from the blocks and a charm.
Now, I'd better get myself organised and start making my blocks to send.


Annie said...

Pretty February heart. Those will really look nice on a quilt.

The Barn Door swap looks interesting.

You seem to always find the most fascinating swaps and SAL's.

Terry said...

Another pretty heart! And your blocks look great!

Elena said...

Heart design is so beautiful! And what a wonderful swap project! The blocks look great!

karen said...

love the heart Jane, it's beautiful.

Angelcat said...

That heart is so pretty. The Barn Door Swap looks like fun! :)

Rudee said...

The heart is very pretty and the blocks look intriguing. You're swapping them?

Miss 376 said...

Rudee-yes, this is a year long swap and these are my first too. I've yet to make mine to send off

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for red embroidery. That is just lovely. As are the blocks.

Have a lovely weekend.