Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A scarf and some shopping

The last couple of days there has been plenty of washing and ironing to do to get the boys ready to go away. The scarf has been perfect for filling in the time before they leave. The first one is finished, and the second has been started. It has been lovely to relax without having to tax the brain. I packed the boys clothes into the suitcase this morning and it was pretty obvious the boys had selected what to pack. One child (love him dearly) had decided one pair of socks was enough to last a fortnight! He compensated by packing lots of underwear.

Once that was done, I took the boys to the cinema and did some shopping so that I was prepared for the next fortnight.
This little bundle and some interfacing are for at least three projects I have planned. I have a small pile stacked up in readiness and will just see how I go. There are at least two firsts on the list.


Terry said...

The scarf looks fabulous! And that's just too funny about the boys packing. Mine tend to pack enough stuff for a week when they're going for one night! LOL

Elena said...

Love the soft feel of the scarf!
My son is the same way about packing!

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the packing story! It sounds so very familiar... :)

Anonymous said...

the less socks they pack, the less you'll have to wash when they get back. does this mean you'll be child free for a little while? will you be lonley, or get lots done? or a bit of both?

Rudee said...

I don't know about you, but after so many years of seeing after others, I like the temporary solitude. I'm not afraid to be alone with me.

Enjoy your Only for Jane time and your projects.