Monday, 20 July 2009

Best laid plans

I had fully intended stitching the next part of Alla Turca. When I went to get the pattern from my bag, I found that I had only been given half the pages I had printed at the library. Alla Turca was one of those that didn't come back home, so I had to have a rethink.

I thought I'd do the next RR which, this time, is teapots and cups. I had a pattern that I thought would be appropriate, only to find that it would be too small, so the RR has gone away again for another day.

I decided to stitch the design anyway, and made it into a card. The way the day was going, I was surprised I had a card in my box that would be appropriate, but this time, things were going my way. Once this was done, I started on the third scarf. I am two thirds of the way through, so that shouldn't take too long to finish.

Hopefully, some embroidery will get done too.


Annie said...

Some day things are like that. Very annoying. But you seem to have so many possibilities in your stash that you always manage to make progress. The card is very cute. I'm sure you will find a nice tea design out there. It's a popular subject.

Ginnie said...

How annoying! least you got to make a nice card.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

That card is way toooooo cute. and I love the childs looks so cuddly. I just love the fact that you do such a wide variety of crafting! Well done.

Rudee said...

I've had a couple of those days, too. Must be the phase of the moon.

I like the card.

Elena said...

Very pretty card! Love the cross stitched cup!