Monday, 27 July 2009

Applique Rose Bag

I did get to finish this bag this week. I applied iron on interfacing to the fabric to give it more stability and to protect the back of the stitching. It had the added benefit of making it easier to handle. I machine stitched the seams leaving about 3cms at the top. This is to form the channel for the ribbon.

To make it easier to stitch, I ironed the top over, and then hemmed it into place. I then thread two pieces of ribbon through to make the loops for closing.

I quite like the way this has turned out, it would make a lovely gift bag or for holding something smelly to put in a clothes drawer.
I even managed to finish all my mending and put the button on the crochet roll.
Now all the hooks can be held securely in place.


loulee said...

Cute little bag.

Kucki68 said...

That rose applique bag is very lovely! It would also make a nice wedding gift.

Miriam said...

Your rose bag is fantastic!

Elena said...

The rose bag is stunning! Hook case is very cute!

Rudee said...

Oh! I love the rose bag. It's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

lovely rose bag - it needs some rose scented soap in it!