Sunday, 28 June 2009

We have a back

I did it! Yes, I eventually got to the end of the seemingly endless back on J's jumper. The boys will definitely have to stop growing.
Not only do I have a completed back, I made a start on the front. Admittedly, it was a very small start, but a start nonetheless.
Most of the day however, was spent working on the Round Robin. I am going to be cross eyed by the end of this. I haven't even done a quarter of the design yet, so I think I may be doing this for some time, but I hope it will be worth it. If I ever do this design again, I don't think it will be one over one on 18 count fabric. One guess what I am going to be doing the rest of the day. Yes, it's back to the Round Robin.


Gaynor said...

OMG 1 over 1? Rather you than me....well. You had better keep working on it, deadlines are very important after all! Great back...just the front and two arms and possible neckband! tut will be busy this month hehe (lovely colour wool btw!)

(For those who think I am being a bit snide lol, SHE STARTED IT rofl...we have a unofficial kindda competition over on the monthly sal and we love each other really hehe).
Dont worry, Jane...I have put Alla Turka down now...have the seen the size of the next bit lol!
Good luck witht he round robin ;-)

Terry said...

Congratulations on finishing the back and starting the front! I agree about the kids growing! Takes more to clothe and feed them now! LOL
And I say you're very brave to be doing that on 18 count over 1. Good luck with it! :0)

Rudee said...

I have faith in you. Now get back to work.

irishcream06 said...

I feel a bit like that with the cardigan i'm knitting for myself...been working on the back for nearly a week, and it's taking forever, and i'm not exactly huge lol.

Looking good though! Cross stitch looks lovely, but i lost patience with that a long time ago.

Elena said...

So glad you finished the back already!
I know how hard it is to cross stitch on the 18 Aida, but you will do it beautiful!

Karan said...

Intriguing rR piece & well done on finishing the back. :0)