Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stitched Sunday- French and Colonial Knot

What a fun page this was to do.  As you can see, the colonial knot took me a little time to perfect, although more practise wouldn't come amiss.
They were definitely better when I got down to the scrolls lines at the bottom, but I must say, I much preferred the french knots, definitely more within my comfort zone.

The circle around the heart is done in whipped chain stitch and the heart in stem stitch.

That's another page caught up, fly and feather stitch is next.


Maggi said...

It does look lovely. The subtle difference between colonial and french knots sometimes makes me wonder whether it is worth the effort. Love fly and feather stitch, there is so much you can do with them.

Terry said...

I had to learn colonial knots for my Polka Dot Girls stitcheries, but I rarely use them now. Your page looks great! :0)

Rudee said...

Taken together, it's so charming. I love this.

Tudy said...

Looks great. I know you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know a colonial knot if it bopped me on the nose...but I don't care...this is delightful.