Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Catch Up Begins

The boys arrived home safely from their travels yesterday afternoon, and with them, the camera.  Now I can truly get back into the swing of things.  First of all a catch up on some of the things that have been keeping me busy, before, after and during my holiday.

While we were away, we missed a wedding, but the boys chose what they wanted from the gift lift.  I had to smile at their logic in making their choice.  They chose dish cloths and tea towels, "because you(being me) can make them"!  Although, I will be buying the tea towels, I did have a dish cloth making spree before I went away.  I've done two each, knitted and crocheted.

Out of the scraps left, I did myself a couple too.  I don't care that the yarn is  a bit mismatched, they will still do their job.
 The next project is one of those that will take a while, it's the project I do to use up the odd time between finishing and starting projects, usually the evenings.  I chose this one from an older copy of Cross Stitch Gold.
 The great thing with this sampler, each elephant is like having a finish in itself.  As each one is done, I'm doing the back stitching, so it seems to come together quite quickly.  Eventually, this will become a central panel for a baby quilt or wall hanging.

As my hands are never idle for long, I had to think of something to take with me on holiday.  It had to be something I could do and still be sociable, and not cause airport staff any concerns for safety.  The answer was some crochet, plastic hooks do not set off any alarms!
This is going to be a jacket, and is a much darker purple in real life.  The back and one front has been completed.  The pattern is another from the Art of Crochet magazine, and was well chosen for it's simplicity.  I'll get back to this one once I've managed to catch up with the other projects I missed while being away.


Maggi said...

What thoughtful boys you have. So many young people today are just happy to go out and spend money. The elephants will look lovely as the centre of a baby quilt. Like the crochet.

Sue said...

What a lovely compliment from your boys. As usual, your work is lovely.

Annie said...

Good to see you back in the swing. And I knew you couldn't go on a vacation without a project to keep you busy. Love those elephants! Lots of detail and not boring with all that design variation.

Tudy said...

You have been busy. Love everything.

Terry said...

I'm sure it feels great to get caught up on posting your projects! That jacket is going to be lovely! And those elephants are so cute!! :0)

Rudee said...

So you were busy on holiday! I love that purple.

Angela said...

I can't believe that you mangaged to be so productive on your holiday :) Love the new cross stitch

Anonymous said...

You should be proud of those boys of yours.

The wee elephants are adorable. And I love the purple crochet.

Good to have you back.