Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Simple Start

Monday of course, is the day for the next installment of Mystery Monday.  This week was definitely short and sweet-cut 9 41/2" blocks.

With that done, I thought I may as well get a couple of other bits done too, so now the Flyboy has his sky.  I had forgotten I had this cloud fabric, but came across it last week looking for something else.  I thought I'd better put them together before it got lost again, or used for something else.

 At the moment he is only fixed to the background with bondaweb, though I will stitch him when I get to the quilting stage.  I still need to get some fabric to get this one finished, but a little progress has been made.

None of these too much time to do, so the next thing on the list was to sash the Raggedy Blocks.  This definitely took more time than I had expected.
 I usually avoid cornerstones, but these worked out a lot better than I had expected.

A lot of this fabric came from my "old" stash and I didn't really like them.  However, getting them back out and seeing them altogether has been quite a revelation.  As a whole, they don't look too bad and it's a great feeling not to have gone out to buy all new fabric.
I did have to buy black for the sashing and a shopping trip will be needed to progress further with this quilt.  I need fabric for the sashing, backing and binding, as well as some batting. 


loulee said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy.

Terry said...

Your Annie quilt looks wonderful! It's so nice and scrappy! :0)

pendlestitches said...

The quilt looks amazing. And how serendipitous to find the cloud fabric. Fabulous!

Rudee said...

Your talent with fabric and color is amazing!

Annie said...

How lucky to have the perfect fabric for that cutie-pie flyboy.

And isn't it wonderful how all those seemingly unrelated fabrics can come together so nicely to make such a pretty quilt top. Great job!