Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mystery Monday-Week 7 and Barn Door Swap

It was a nice easy week for Mystery Monday, which was just as well, with how I've been feeling this week.  Lovely son decided to be generous and share his cold germs.   As I was feeling a bit rough, it was a slow plod through the cutting and sewing, and now have a little pile of four patch squares ready for next week.
In the post, came these blocks in the 71/2" barn door block swap.  These have come from Canada.
Thank you, Mary, a great start to the swap.


Annie said...

Sorry you are feeling bad. At least you have squares waiting patiently for you now.

And another pretty swap block in the mailbox to cheer you up.

Take care..

Terry said...

Love the little four patches! Feel better soon! :0)

pendlestitches said...

Anyone else (i.e. me!) would be lying on the sofa, drinking tea and watching bad TV.
You make cute squares.
I really hope you're feeling much better.