Sunday, 8 August 2010

Best Wishes

My stack of cards seems to be shrinking, so I thought it might be a good idea to make some more. 

While you are making one, you may as well make three!
I used different card stock for each one, to change the look slightly, and to make them suitable for more people.  The first one seemed to take ages, but once I knew what I was doing, and got into a rhythm, the other two came together quite quickly.

I'll need to stock up on some more parchment and card before I do any more, I seem to have used it all.


maggi said...

Lovely cards. It's always amazing that what seems to be a healthy stash always seems to disappear so quickly. I blame the card fairies.

Tudy said...

They are beautiful. Nice and neat.

Terry said...

Such pretty cards! How nice to be able to make your own instead of running to the store when you need a card! :0)

Annie said...

Those are really nice. I like the muted pastels.