Thursday, 19 August 2010

All Up to Date

At least, I am until the next delivery comes. 

The first one has rows of different coloured bobbles.  I must say, crocheted bobbles are easier than knitted ones.

Another granny square,
and this was my favourite.  It was quick and easy to do.
Tomorrow is Friday Night Sew In.  Can't wait.  I think I will be working on more of the cross stitch hearts, but will decide tomorrow.


Annie said...

Love the colors on these. And I agree.. the bobbles do work up quickly without the pain of knitting.

karen said...

you exhaust me! do you ever stop? I suppose I should be thankful you are no longer on baby clothes and making me broody!!

Tudy said...

I like all the different blocks you are making.

Terry said...

Pretty! Have fun with the stitch-in! I've been wanting to do this for months but it never seems to work out.

Linda said...

Ok, I've looked and can't find it. Are you in an exchange for all these different blocks or what are you doing with all of these? They are all great but I'm imagining a big, gigantic, afgan that connects you to us here in the states! What's the story?

I'll be sewing tomorrow night too, thinking about all my blogging friends doing the same. Good kharma!