Monday, 23 November 2009

Using Offcuts

I have a small pile of offcuts from the crochet hook and knitting rolls.  They have been waiting patiently on the shelf waiting for me to do something with them.  I have managed to use two of them so far.

The first I have made into a pen/pencil holder. It folds over and is closed using velcro, holding up to 12 pens.

The next one was inspired by Rudee. All knitters tend to acquire lots of  cable and double pointed needles and stitch holders.  They are always the last thing your hand reaches when you are trying to find them.

This holder will hold narrow stitch holders and cable needles on one side and double pointed needles up to 8" on the other side.  It certainly saves scrabbling in the bottom of the knitting bag for them.  I couldn't find my other double pointed needles to take the photo, which just goes to prove the point.

I have a few other offcuts left.  Some are quite small, so it might take a little imagination to think of something useful to make them into.  A little more thinking time is required,  and, oh yes, some time to do it.


Annie said...

Great way to use up the odds and ends. Both turned out so nice and are really useful items.

Rudee said...

I will be picking that bottom one out for myself!

Elena said...

Wonderful idea on using little pieces of the fabric! Really loved both of your holders!

maggi said...

The knitting needle holder is a great idea. I have the same problem with crochet hooks as well, they always wriggle to the bottom.

Karan said...

A great way to use up oddments. I can see the knitting one being popular. :0)