Monday, 16 November 2009

Autumn Fabric Postcards

Anyone stopping by on Saturday, could have been forgiven for thinking I had gone back to my childhood.  I was surrounded by leaf templates and spent around three hours, cutting out fabric leaves and then bonding them to fabric.
I ended up with a large collage of autumn leaves.  I cut out 6 postcard size pieces with recycled felt as the backing and then spent the next few hours hand sewing around the leaves.

Some way through doing the second postcard, I pushed the needle to go through the fabric.  Instead of the sharp end going through the fabric, I ended up with the eye in my finger.  Every time this happens, I think to myself, "Now I know why they use thimbles."

A plaster over the end of my finger got me through the rest of the second and the third postcard.  However, on Sunday morning, my finger was red, swollen and throbbing, so I had to resort to machine stitching the rest of the postcards.

I put buttons on a couple of the postcards, but the boys prefered them plain.  I've run out of anything suitable for the backing, so I can't complete the other two postcards until later in the week.  I need just one more to complete for this exchange and get them all posted out.


stitcheranon said...

You have my fullest sympathy with the finger...the cards however look fantastic and we have to suffer for our art dont we lol

Annie said...

What we do for love! The cards look beautiful despite the mishap.

averyclaire said...

I have sewn my fingers as well. It's not fun. But the end product post cards are lovely.

Elena said...

Oh, really sorry about your finger...
They are so beautiful! The patterns of the leaves are gorgeous!

Karan said...

Ouch! Know from experience how much that hurts! Hope the finger is much better now.
Beautiful postcards. :0)