Friday, 25 September 2009

The Birds Come Home to Roost

I came home yesterday, and as D picked up the post he said there was a letter I would like.  I asked him if it came from Australia, and when he said  yes, I knew what to expect.

My RR has come home and I think it's fabulous.  I'd like to thank all the lovely ladies that have worked on it, sometimes in difficult circumstances.  The whole thing has come together beautifully.

It's been draping over the arm of the settee since it came back, so I can keep looking at it.  Now I have to think of a way of finishing it and being able to enjoy it up on the wall for years to come.


Gaynor said...

Oh that is pretty. I love the of my favourite birds, or as we cal them in Norfolk, Peewits!

Annie said...

That really turned out well. It's just beautiful. You're so lucky that everyone was so committed to the project.

Karan said...

What a lovely RR piece - the grumpy bluebird really makes me smile. :0)